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free spins fiesta at Paf

Get ready for the free spins fiesta at Paf

The constant battle between dogs and cats has been put on hold, and they will in our new campaign be working together so that players can collect as many free spins as possible.

Play Kitty cabana or Hound Hotel between 3.8 – 31.8 and collect up to 1060 free spins. During the period we’re giving more for the achievements. The more achievements players collect – the more free spins they’ll win.

Check out our fun free spins campaign today!

350 000 free spins are waiting

Our popular together campaign is finally back!

Players can during 3.8 – 16.8 win free spins every day. The number of free spins that can be won depends on how many people join the competition. A total of 350 000 free spins will be raffled out during the campaign period.

The more the merrier, as they say!


Updated: August 5, 2015 — 3:55 pm
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